His name is Jesus

This truth is not just theoretical

Or head knowledge 

It has a story to tell

It’s living and active

There’s weight behind it

Filled with authentic experience 

Aged with wisdom

Shaped under mountains of pressure

Tested over time

It’s powerfully liberating

Fleshed out in love

As real as the body I live in

So real you can taste and see 

Hear and know it

Like my breath on a frosty morning

As unique as every snowflake 

But unlike the snowflake

And my fleeting breath

Or this earthen body I call my temporary home

It outshines the sun

The creator of the sun moon stars and all creation

Is the truth 

His name is Jesus 

And He lives in me


God of creation

How can I call on creation

To give only what God can give

Every fragile gift held in my hand is fleeting

Passing away like the setting sun

Or the tide receding into the sea

Each floating petal that lays upon the ground

Begins to fade in colour

Losing its fragrance to another

As beautiful as they are 

They all slip away

Reminding me 

That the earth is dying

Though it sustains me

Only God can give me life 

You live in me

You live in me

Forgave all my sin

Destroyed death

Swallowed it up

In resurrection victory

Raising me to heavenly places

Seated me with You

For all eternity

You have given me

Every good and perfect gift

Resources beyond my imagination

To live life fully

One day at a time

I’m never left by myself

Because Jesus

You live in me

Resurrection life

Death my greatest enemy

Has been swallowed alive

The resurrection and life

Took care of it

So it can never raise it’s ugly head

Jesus finished it

When He said

“It is finished”

Death is now my servant

And will usher me into the presence

Of my Saviour when I breathe my last

He took His last breath

So I can take my first

Laid down His life

To raise mine

To eternal life

This glory is His glory

The power over sin and death

Guilt and shame

satan and demons

His resurrection life

Alive in me 

Longing for more

You opened the window to blue

So I can see what I never saw before

You opened the door to green

So I can go where I’ve never been before

To run in Your shadow 

To sit under Your tree

To live the life You freely give

With every colour and fragrance

To taste and see

To hear Your voice

Taking me beyond every valley and mountain

Far beyond all I dreamed or imagined

Knowing You are bigger than

Greater than

So much more than

All I see or hear or know

Yet what I’ve seen and heard and know

Will keep me all the days of my life

While You move within me

A deeper longing for more

The power of forgiveness

To touch the depth of another

Is to go where few will ever tread

This sacred ground is to be revered

Protected with loyal trust

Once broken

Becomes the most fragile thing

Once violated

Few find their way back

Only God can truly restore

Such a broken wing

Through the power of His healing balm

That the two 

Can soar once more

The One I love

It’s not about how well I speak

How articulate the words are upon my lips

It’s not about the song I sing

The melody stirring deep within my soul

It’s not about the skill I have to play upon these strings

Or the beautiful notes that resound 
It’s about the One I love 

The One I’m longing for

It’s about the One I love

The One that I adore

Give God praise

The wonder and the beauty of God

Shines through all creation

I see His glory

His mystery revealed 

In the radiance of the full moon

And the magnificent setting sun

I hear Him in the gentle whisper of the leaves

On a new born day

I’ve felt Him in the drops of rain

On a monsoon night

I’ve turned my head toward the fragrance

Of the Flowers of the Night Queen

Allured by her beautiful scent

I’ve seen

I’ve felt

I’ve heard 

I’ve touched

The glory of my God

And in a simple act of worship

I fall to my knees

And give Him praise.

Your kingdom come

When You look upon my face

My face shines

The anointing flows

Like desert streams

Breaking forth in the wilderness

Becoming a mighty river in full flood

Where the impossibilities of life

Are far removed

Taken down

Into its powerful flow

Where Your kingdom

Becomes the only kingdom

All else is shaken to the core

Washed away 

In the wake of Your awesome presence

The songs within these waters rise

Like thunder and lightening 

Seen and heard from distant lands

Where truth and life

Break upon the shore

And Your name and word 

Is heard by all who stand along its banks

Till the power of Your loving might

Invites them in

Where together each one rises in these waters

To the ever increasing glory 

Of Your kingdom come


There’s a hollow deep inside

That Facebook Instagram or Twitter can’t hide

Nothing on earth can fill that void

Or go into that place deep inside

Only One can go there

Full of grace

Only One can reach into 

That lonely place

He’s the One who longs to hold your face

Speak words of hope and truth and grace

He will take you into His hiding place

He knows every thought you’ve ever had

Knows the number of hairs upon your head

Reach out by faith take His hand of grace

Bring everything to Him that’s on your heart 

You’ll never be empty as He fills your life

With His word and power and everlasting love