Oh God

Just a drop of Your living water

Is love enough

To crack the hardest rock

To seep into its inner core

Taking the coldest heart

And setting it on fire

Such is the power of Your love

Who can resist?

Your mercy follows me

Mercy holds me

Like a long lost brother

Returning from war

Beaten but not cast down

Head held high

With dignity in every step

Victorious in honour

Highly esteemed 

Though the battle raged

And death was in the air

Grace gave me my marching orders

And to the cross I held dear

Captive to His blood

Where mercy flooded my view

Causing me to see

The place He holds for me


In Christ I live

You keep my life because I belong to You

You watch over my life because I am Yours

My coming and my going

Both now and forevermore

So why should I worry or be afraid

Can I stop the sun from rising and setting

Can I add a single day to my life

You marked out my course

Set me in place

Ordained my days on earth

Counted the number of hairs on my head

Hold me in Your hand

Where You engraved my name forever

Eternity is written in my heart

Sealed with Your name

I was chosen before time began

Adopted in Your family

Raised from death to life

Seated in heavenly places

In Christ the hope of glory

In Christ I live

No regrets

Living without regret

Being found in Your presence

Where Your voice is heard above all others

Where the wellspring of life is guarded

And the eternal fountain flows

Crystal clear

Clean and pure

When all that contaminates is cast aside

And the highway of righteousness is straight ahead

Holy Ground

There’s no pretence in Your presence

It’s the place on earth most real

Beyond the jungle of cluttered thoughts

Beyond emotions lost and wasted

Beyond the kaleidoscope of human touch 

Out from under all expectations 

That have no heavenly hold

Away from all things fleeting

Just for a minute of time

When eternity slips into the moment

And covers me

With the knowledge of all things true

Where freedom finds its place

The place where I belong

And in this place I stand

In reverence and fear

In this place I stand

On holy ground

True worth

Your net worth

The measure of a man

Is it found in gold and diamonds

Land and minerals

Buildings or monuments 

Degrees and trophies

Accomplishments and achievements 

The true value 

The real gauge 

The lasting legacy

Is not found in what you’ve acquired or done

But in who you’ve become

In Christ the hope of glory

To behold Him is to become like Him

The greatest gift of all

A new heaven and earth

Your beauty astounds me

Every intricate detail has Your fingerprint 

Your seal on the inside 

Resounds louder

Than the beauty that surrounds me

Always echoing 

Into the deepest recess of my heart 

Saying a new heaven and earth is yet to come

Where only Your love abounds

You alone

Your beauty draws me in

Attracts me like no other

Overwhelms me

With wave upon wave of love

Your grace floods my path

Like a blanket of autumn leaves 

On a new born day

My soul rises to meet you

To know you

You alone hold the keys to my heart

You alone unlocked the door

And came in

Name above all names

Let’s start with glory
Can it get any better than this
The magnificent unadulterated presence of God

In all His manifest character

Love unlimited

Limitless power

Perfect peace

Majestic holiness

Infinite wisdom

Splendour and awe




Righteous and just

Noble and true

Joyful in hope

Everything truly beautiful

Grace upon grace upon grace

Jesus name above all names

How glorious He is


Surrendered to beauty

Drawn in like a breath of fresh air




Not dependent on externals

But reliant on the indwelling Holy Spirit

Where the character of His kingdom is manifest



And joy

In the Holy Spirit