Within the seed

Though the blossom is almost gone

It lingers on

I see it in the seed

Behind the window

Planted in the ground

I see it in the tree

That stretches out its branches 

Waiting for spring to come

I see behind my gaze

And know

It will bloom once more

For within the seed

I see the mystery of eternity


Your light shines through

Your light shines through

Every single day

From early morning dawn

To the setting sun

Your light shines through

Brightening up my path

With love that knows no limit

Grace that draws me close

Mercy that follows me all the days of my life

Faithful from beginning to end

Your light shines through

Bringing hope to every step

Life to every breath

Promise for every day


You stop me dead in my tracks

In humility I bow down

Raise my hands to heaven in worship

Surrendered to Your will

Enveloped in Your love

Held by Your grace

I have nowhere else to turn

But heavenward

Nowhere else to run

But to You

Take heart

You call me to walk on water

Then stretch out Your hand 

When I’m drowning in fear

You speak to my doubt

To my little faith

Take heart

Don’t be afraid

The winds blow

And the storm rages

The thunder roars

And the lightening strikes

You quieten them

To a gentle whisper

And once again the sun rises

To a magnificent day

Full of glory

Still and calm

Abounding beauty


Emptied out from this emptiness

Where life just ebbs away

You turn my heart to yearn again

Toward the fragrance of Your love

Where just the scent of Your presence

Causes this shoot to push through

This dry and barren land

You anchor me

From beginning to end

You anchor me

Hold me fast 

To what is true

Beyond the waves of lies

That roll in everyday

Beyond the sands of despair

That slip through either hand

You don’t just speak to me

You stay with me

And lead me along the way

Opening my eyes to see and know

That every step I take with You

Has an eternal footprint

Marked out

Before time began

You anchor me

Hold me fast

To what is true

Eternal expanse

A sea of colour

A flood of light

An ocean so deep and wide

Such is the love of God

That fills my heart

It has no limit

It was there before time began

Just one drop opened a window for me

To gaze out upon an eternal expanse

Of the beauty and majesty

Of the One I love

Who is the beginning and the end

The author and perfecter 

Of my faith