Till heaven is full

Called to live out God’s purpose

Where compassion and mercy rule the day

Looking back to mercy

Seeing all Jesus has done

Finishing the work on the cross

Where there is no future 

Without the vision of Christ crucified 

A constant reminder 

Of His body and blood poured out

His life emptied

Offered up

Least I forget

The price He paid

The gift He gave

His love that paved the way

Where there is no future

Without the vision of Christ risen

Looking forward

One day at a time

With compassion in full view

Love expressed with an open heart

Love expressed with open hands

The rear vision of mercy always behind me

Following me all the days of my life

The full screen of compassion ahead of me

Showing me there’s a whole world out there

Full of lives to be touched with God’s love

One life at a time 

One day at a time

Till heaven is full


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