Awe and beauty

Red poppies border fields of golden wheat

Violets dance across open skies

Mountains stand bold as a lion’s pride

Way off in the distance

My eyes feast on this glory

I drink in this river of delight

And my heart is richly satisfied

Filled with peace unspeakable

Completely alive in Your presence

As I stand in awe of Your beauty


Sit a while

Let me sit here a while

Gaze around at the beauty

Take it all in

Just like the trees and plants

Growing beside me

I want to find my place

Leave a lasting impression 

And help others

Find their resting place

With You


Every time I turn the corner

You’re there

You surround me

With living light

Bright and true

Always leading

Guiding me

To a safe haven

With sure footings

You’ve marked out a course

For me to run with You

You show me things yet to come

So I can see You at the crossroad

Then move on


The truth is

We’re His Masterpiece

Works of art

That creation longs to see

That the Creator

Longs to display

Revealing His splendour 

Not hidden away in darkness

Or covered in ashes

But works of righteousness

In the Redeemer’s hand

Lighting up the world

With glory


One eye on earth

One eye on heaven

Both eyes on You

You placed eternity in my heart

To bring heaven to earth

While helping me to see heaven is my home

With You on centre stage

Enthroned in majesty and glory

Let Your ever increasing glory spill over today

Prepare me for what is yet to come

While not neglecting or forgetting what it means

To glorify You here and now

I find rest

Outside of Your ways

There is no rest

Just an emptiness 

That gnaws away on the inside

Like a ship lost out at sea

Moving on but never ahead

Like the rudder of fame and fortune


Stir up a storm

A tempest

Anything but these doldrums

Let the mast creak and bend under the strain

Fill these sails once more

Let the winds of change blow

Let them gale

Let them thunder

From the north

The south

The east

The west

Wherever Your ways are found

Take me there

Wherever Your ways are found

There I find rest