Life is good

Gazing out at green

Seeing the leaf

Hearing the wind

Waiting for the rain to pour down

Giving life

Washing away the old

Brightening up the day

I see this beyond the window

Under the warmth of a winter duvet

Snuggled up

Beside the one I love

Higher than I’d ever dreamt

The vine grows upward

Carried by the strength of another

Wrapped around


Always reaching higher

Beyond the bud in the ground

Could have ever dreamt

I too like the vine am carried

Above and beyond

While sheltered 

Under the shadow of the Almighty

Strengthened beyond my ability

Lifted higher than I’d ever dreamt 

From darkness to light

Your light penetrates

The darkest place

Nothing is hidden

From Your sight

Knowing this

Causes me to fear

Not being hidden or exposed

But covered by darkness

With no escape

I see this fear

As a gift

That turns me

Toward the light

To take a step of wisdom

Into Your grace

To be free