Take me away

Take me away with You for a while

Even for a little while

Enough to turn my head

Enough to place my feet on level ground

So I can see straight

Come to my senses

Know more deeply who You are

Comforted in the quiet of Your palms

Surrounded by no other sound

But Your voice

To hear You

As a gentle stream

Soothing my soul

Like no other can

Take me away

Time will tell




Framed and written 

Into the walls of our lives

They tell the story

Of what was built

Each speaks out

From the tiniest pebble

To the hardest rock

The glass sheds light

On all that was

While the wood resounds

Resonates with echoes of the past

The laughter that filled the rooms

The tears that fell upon the pillow 

The naked steps

That walked upon the floor

Words sown

Some sculptured works of beauty

Others like dead monuments

Among the ruins

What is left behind of your house

Time will tell

Like the early morning bells that ring out

God is love

Grace causes me

To get up and live

It guarantees my eternal destiny

While empowering me 

To live life fully today

As I do

The grace giver is glorified

Those with eyes to see

Can distinguish 

Where this grace comes from

The favourable disposition of God

Who is love