Throne of grace

Your mercies flow every morning

Like the new born rising sun

Grace turns my head

To gaze upon 

The beauty of Your face

Shining upon me

I am humbled

Under the weight of such glory

Bowed low


Raised high

To see You



Your throne of grace

You Watch Over Me

Turn your heart from the shadows

See beyond those bright glimpses

Stand in the light of His glory

Head raised high

Facing toward His throne

See the Holy One

Majestic and full of light


Brighter than the brightest sun

And know

He always keeps watch over you

And holds you in the palm of His hand


The crest of the wave

Rises in full flight

The sun’s reflection

Shimmering upon its glass surface

Higher and higher it rises

Until it reaches its peak and breaks

Surging with power

It rolls in like thunder

Sweeping everything up in its path

Mighty are these breakers

Rolling in till they reach the shore

Then recede with the outward tide

The waves like the minutes of each day

Roll in reminding me of their source

Beyond time


Unchanging as time itself

The self existent One

Is limitless