Certain faith

Every day Your Grace finds me

Fits perfectly into the shape of my heart

So we can beat as one

Living life to the full 

As You promised

Tasting freedom that’s bound in love

And truth that’s straight as a die

There’s no gamble with You

Certain faith has shown me

You keep Your word

Doing all You say You will do

God is good

Should I ever win an argument against God

I would be lost in despair

Outside hope

Beyond Fort Knox

His wisdom sets me free

From my own prison

Where my arguments 

Are laid before

The revelation of His infinite character


God is sovereign 

God is good

Unshakable faith 

O God

You are my foundation stone

I have no other

You are in the breath I take

I breathe no other

You are in the step I take

There is no other

You are the thought I have

There is none higher

To believe that You exist 

And to know

You reward me

As I seek You

Are the two certain unshakable realities

Upon which my faith rests

Divine dance

He draws me in 

Woos me into His divine dance

Little by little I relinquish control

First fearful and unsettling

Step by step

Slowly I become more confident and secure


Then whirling with elated emotion

Around and around we go

The music plays to the tune of the Master’s call

It’s the sound of divine romance

Where deep calls to deep


Holding onto in perfect union

Our eyes meet in a moment of perfection

The closest I get to heaven on earth

Till the next dance

Eternal hope

When I look around

I see this old world

Falling apart at the seams

The threads are loosely bound

And easily broken

Like an old garment faded and torn

Soon to be cast aside 

Lost to decay

Though these words are overpowering

And deafening to my soul

Hope rises from deep within

As a strand I’m coiled around

This cord is not easily broken

Like the cord that once fed me in my mother’s womb 

This cord of God I’m bound to

The strongest knot of all

Anchors me to His inseparable love 

That gives me a future and a hope