Your life of faith gets forced into the open to show your true colours, through many kinds of trials.Don’t try and run and hide from them. They are there for your good. They grow you up in the truest sense, helping you to plant your feet more solidly, in order for you to take bigger steps, so that your legs are stronger and your stamina increases, sustaining you for each part of the course so whatever is deficient can be eliminated from your race.

Don’t be double minded keeping your options open, blown here and there by every wind of opportunity. Stick to what is true. Close to the one who is able to transform you more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Beauty for ashes

At the end of the rope

Where time pauses

For the longest twenty four seven

Frames pass by in slow motion

My breath held in my Redeemer’s hand

Gasping long enough I see

Within each frame

You are there

Standing tall 

Gracing my clouded view




You shine through

Moving in me

To see perfect light



Crystal sharp

Clean lines

Colours and depth

Magnitude and awe

Each frame begins to brighten

With beauty that outshines the sun

Glory that never fades

And love that never ceases