Love never ends

All things come to an end

Every thought I’ve ever thought

Every word I’ve spoken

The songs I’ve sung

The works I’ve done

Every thing I’ve given birth to

My life and every life around me

Will all come to an end

The only thing that will never cease

Is love

Love never ends



How sweet Your name sounds

Filling my eardrums to the beat of grace

With all it’s bounty

Rich and tender

Powerful and gentle

Incomparable and undeniable

Soothing my soul

Strengthening my legs

Proclaiming loudly over my fearful heart

Be strong

Moving like ripples

Over the shimmering waters of my heart

Then blowing stronger and stronger

Till a mighty tempest is stirred up

And the violent winds rage

Taking me up in the whirlwind of Your kingdom

Toward full blown glory

Where grace places me down

Before Your throne

Eternity in our heart

The wind blows where it pleases

Taking with it whatever in its path 

Weightless enough to be carried away

Sometimes a gentle tossing and rising

Other times a furious force

Then as quickly as it rose

It pauses for a time to rest

While all things carried along 

Float down to the ground

Where they wait for the next move

So it is for all mankind

Blown here and there

Rising and falling

Pausing from time to time

Waiting for the next move

Dependant on the air that we breathe

Aware or unaware

The truth remains

That God gave us life

Put His breath within us

To be carried along by His Spirit

To know Him who put eternity in our heart

Taste and see

In the light of glory

I stand at creations cusp

Surrounded by a sea of beauty

Fields of yellow and green

Glistening in the sun

The rays spread out across this blanket

While the wind blows through wave after wave

The paddy dances in the light of this glory

By its side a river cuts through

Twisting and turning

As the sound of rushing waters

Caress my soul

Taking me to a deeper place

The sounds

The sights

The fragrance

Reflect Your extravagant beauty

Pulling me like a magnate into You

Where I taste and see

You are good

Living hope

Hope stirs up courage

Ignites a flame of persevering love

Keeps me going

Helps me never give up

It’s not rooted in something

Or built on circumstances

It’s not perhaps maybe if or but

It’s Jesus

Living hope

Eternal hope

Through His life

His death

His resurrection

Infused in me

Heavens rule

Life on earth

Lived out from above

Not below

Where eternity resounds in my heart

And the fleeting things around me

Are laid low

Where hope’s eternal anchor 

Pulls me in

To where I’m raised up

Seated in heavenly places

In Christ

Grounded in eternity

Eternity at the centre

Keeps me grounded on earth

Knowing where I’m going

Who I belong to

Why I’m here

Helps me live

One day at a time

Where life makes sense

Fills me with hope

It makes no sense

To live without God

Emptied of hope

In a world that is perishing

In a body that is wasting away

Master musician

Master musician

Play your music

Through me

Living sounds

Through every note 

From violent rhythms 

That roll like thunder

And lightening speed

That lights up the world

To quiet gentle melodies

Like drops of rain 

Dripping off autumn leaves

Your sound is flawless perfection

I find You in the song

You find me in the breath I sing