You are my God

Why should I be deprived of Your rest

When You are my resting place

Why should I let my thoughts hammer me into the ground

When You are the solid ground on which I stand

Why should I allow anger and discontentment to mock me

When You are my Prince of peace and trusted hiding place 

I will arise weak and small as a I am

Pushing fear to the outer limits

Standing in Your strength 

My Saviour and true King

You are my help when I am helpless

And I am happy 


You are my God


His Story

The story of redemption 

Wakes me up in the morning

Clears my head for the day

Moves me into what is true

I can see what is right

The difference between

Life and death

Light and darkness

I know my Redeemer lives

And I live to tell His story 

Life and death

Outside the victory

Of the risen King of Kings

Death stands 

Unrelenting as the grave

It knows no bounds

And comes to every man

Some held by it’s eternal grip

For others it’s sting has lost it’s hold

Swallowed up by Christ’s resurrection life

His victory conquered death’s final blow

The power of the cross

For all who believe

Death has now become their slave

When they breathe their final breath

Death must serve and usher them 

Into their final resting place

Before God’s throne of grace

Alive for all eternity


When future hope arrives

We will no longer have need of hope

The hope we have now

Draws us toward that future

Where unbroken fellowship

Will be ours

Eternal love realised

Where being filled with all the fullness of God

Is complete and completely ours

To enjoy forever

This is the paradise we wait for 

This is our mansion and true home

This is my heart’s deepest longing

It’s for You