Love never fails

Let the lost opportunities of this year

Rest in the heart of Jesus

Knowing with bold assurance

All our sin is swept away

By His redeeming blood 

Let His grace awaken us 

To a new day

To a future

Where He calls us to live

In His irresistible love

For God is the God of our yesterday


And tomorrow 


Faithful God

God You are good

And out of Your goodness

Your grace flows

With new mercies every morning

I look out

Over an ocean expanse 

Stretching far beyond what my eyes can see

I look down 

And see

The smallest grain of sand beneath my feet

I look up

And know

From the smallest steps upon this land

To farthest horizons beyond the seas

You will lead me

I see You

In the grain of sand

I see You

In the ocean expanse

I see You

Beyond what my eyes can see

When I look down

You are there

When I look out

You are there

When I look up 

You are there

You enclose me

Behind and before

Faithful God

You have placed Your hand upon me

I awake and I am still with You

Doing the Impossible

Grace gives birth to new life

New desire

To do what’s right

Works within me

To finish the work it began





Giving wisdom 


Fighting on my behalf 


Empowering me

To do the impossible 

As I surrender to the will of the One

Who loves me and lives in me

Grace finds me

I’ve fallen so low

Drifted so far 

Even through this tainted vision 

You shine 

Radiant and full of glory

Your grace sweeps away what was lost

Places me on a new page

Raising me up

Helping me to stand on love’s foundation

Where all that is true and noble remains

Never to be lost but truly found

The First and Last Word.

I don’t want to add to the suffering 

That already runs wild

Nor inflict pain

That’s rampant and comes my way

I want to colour the world 

With the gospel of God’s love

Like a rainbow

Radiant and full of glory

Declaring Jesus

Who was and who is and who is to come

Proclaiming Jesus

Until He is painted across the pages of every tribe and tongue

Who was born and died for our sins

Was buried and raised the third day

As the Scriptures accord

The Alfa and Omega

Has the first and last word


All mysteries

Are held in Your hand

You are in control

Even when what lies before me

Is out of control

You don’t change

The future is bright

Brighter than I see or know

More than what I understand

So I will trust You

I will trust in Your Sovereign grace

Eternal waters

Lines of beauty

Run like a happy river

Over the face of the tried and tested

Laughter swallows up the lines of pain and suffering

Like healing balm

Running its course

Through these deep waters

As the river of life has its way

Running abundant and pure

Eternal and true


Like a child that can do no wrong

Basking in the sunshine of God’s favour

His smile of approval flows out of love

I am completely accepted through Jesus

Singled out for His good pleasure

Positioned for every blessing and promise

Where His love

Shields me

Surrounds me

Sustains me

And will follow me

All the days of my life

Keeping me

You sustain me

Undergird and support me

You give me sleep

Even in my sleep

You keep giving to me

The tossing and turning

Of anxiety and fear

Passes under Your watchful eye

And is driven out

So I wake rested

At peace

As Your love keeps on

Keeping me