Keep going

Early in the morning

My faith rises

To see Your mercy

The song of dusk

Lingers on

While the song of dawn

Leads me on

On to glory days

Full of Redeeming love

The scent of grace

Causes my eyes to brighten

Once again

I’m drawn to future hope

I feel it’s beat 

One day at a time

Moving in Your rhythm 

I take another step


Fully known

God’s plan

More vast than eye can see

Flows out of salvation’s cup

He bids me come and drink

Come behold His beauty

Light and life

Truth and hope 

Infinite glory stretching out 

Across eternal wings

Lifting me higher 

Beyond earth’s dawn

Toward the brightest days

Unknown to man

Where time and space

Become one

In God

When the light of His love 

That knows no limit

Will be fully known

More than enough

Grace causes my heart

To rest in the knowledge

That Jesus is more

And more than enough

He never turns away

Never turns a blind eye

Never gives up

Never breaks His promises

Never changes His mind

Never fails to to forgive the humble

Never ceases to love

He always leads me

Always protects me

Always provides for me

Always cares for me

Grace teaches my heart

That His unfailing love

Will always be more

And more than enough

God Himself

Creation along with those most cherished 

Our achievements along with all our possessions

Can never do what only God can

Our hope in God alone will only do

What they never can

We along with creation are reminders

That point us toward our true North

Where hope is found in none other than

God Himself