The consummation of the Ages

There will be a time

When time 

Is swallowed up in eternity

Where unceasing fellowship

With the Lord

Will be the only constant

And the deepest longing fulfilled

All evil will cease

Only what is good will remain

Till this final consummation of the Ages

When Jesus is completely uncovered

Our faith more precious than gold

Is tested through the fire

Let it be found as unfailing as our inheritance

Kept in heaven

Full of praise glory and honour

For our King


Faithful God

Grace points me

To an eternal future

That by faith

I move into

One day at a time

Hope is always to be found


You are always with me

Even if all is lost

You never leave

Your word is true

Your promises reflect

Who You are

And You never change

You breathed Your life in me

You breathed Your last

So I can breathe at last

Filling my lungs

With heaven’s grace

Like oxygen saving me

Rescuing me from the grave

Causing Your life to live inside me

Sustaining me all my days 

So I will slow down


Long enough to remember

Where my breath comes from

And give You thanks

For breathing Your life

Into me

One Ray of Hope

Hope deferred 

Sickens the heart

What will awaken hope

What promise will heal the heart

To see beauty bloom once more

Only divine intervention 

Of grace soaked kindness

Will do

All else will fail

All horizontal relationships

Fade into the background

In comparison to rising vertical hope

That flows out from unapproachable light

Just one ray

Flickering on this heart 

Is enough