Ambushed by God

He surrounds me

From every side

Hems me in 

Helps me

To see straight 

Without seeing Him

I’m bent toward myself

Absorbed one way or another

Grace ushers me in

Draws me 

Toward His path of righteousness

So I can walk straight 

God raises up a standard

The enemy comes in

Like a flood

The waves mount up

Like a mighty wall

Raised high

Like the Tower of Babel

Only to collapse 

And drown it’s tormentors

While those held captive


On to the next place

Of victory

Ever increasing glory

I can’t see without You

You open up my world

While opening up Yours

Yours is full of beauty and wonder

Full of truth so powerful

It turns my world

Into Yours

The freedom that comes

Is worth dying for

Such is Your love for me

You died to set me free

To bring me into Your world

A cosmos full of colour and light

Shining brighter and brighter

For all eternity 

In light of my fading world

I see You

Ever increasing

And full of glory