Move on

Packing up my life into a few boxes

Letters with memories beyond number

Photos and words full of treasure

Rich and alive

Poured out over years of pain and joy

Truth and lies

Life and death

Where the deep things 

Took me to the heights
A new call

Beckons me

Toward regions beyond

With eternity 

Set in a sky full of suns

Radiant and blazing with glory 

Till then

The boxes move on 

Until they move no more


He changes not

The rock remains

Long after the storm has passed

And the floodwaters have receded 

To a quiet trickle

All around me there’s shifting sand

I feel I’m walking on thin ice

The only constant

God does not change

I breathe His name

And I am assured 


Eternity in my heart

Set alight with the blaze of God’s love

Through Jesus

Moving me towards my eternal mansion

Filled with unfolding horizons and plateaus

Every vista a new sight to behold

Seeing within it the beauty and majesty 

Of the ever increasing glory of God Himself

In every gaze

In every breath

In every sound and fragrance 

Where the beating of His heart

Is found in every eternal atom

Where love without limit 

Consumes every atom of my being

Promise Keeper

Hope like a prisoner

Is locked down

My heart 

Won’t let it escape

It whispers in my ear


Be patient

You’ll see

Don’t give up

It will come to pass

Hope’s voice

Fans into flame

What is noble and true

As a faithful friend

Reminding me

That You are the promise keeper