A labor of love

Running hard at it

Face to the ground

Sweat pouring down

Grinding away

Every sinew fully strained 

Stretched to the limit

Making every effort

To add to my faith

Every resource

With all the energy I have

And every ounce of my being

Under the yoke of grace

In this labor of love


I am full

I feel Your gentle breeze

Soothing me

Your peace 

Envelops me

Causing me

To rest

In this resting place
I know You

And hunger for more 

Such grace is evidence

Of Your love

And Spirit living in me

And I am full

Let go and move on

She dug her ankles deep into the sand

As the waves rolled onto the shore

The sun glistened upon the rippled surface

As she gazed across the vast horizon

Everything in that moment was perfect

Until a voice from the past cried out

And she turned her head in fear

Still another voice from deep inside called out

Leave the past behind

Look to the future

Brighter days are still to come

It’s time to move on and take another step

The One that I love

The wind of grace is blowing

I feel it cool me down

From the heat of the day

I see it gently moving the large palm branches

From side to side

While the leaves dance in it’s glory

The blue background of ocean sky

Reminds me of where I’m going

To a distant place

Unknown but known

To be with

The One I love