Eternal Rock

The tree stands on the edge

Of a great cusp

Fully stretched

Leaning into the wind

With it’s breath commanding the sky

The giant is tossed by it’s power

Moving from side to side

Like a dancer

Tossed and caught

With the skill and power of strong hands

It’s branches and leaves 

Trusting through the storm

That’s it’s roots are embedded 

Deep within the soil

Bound around

A great and ageless rock

Which holds it fast and true

Till the coming of a new day


God’s wisdom

The most excellent of all

None can compare 

From His mouth

Wisdom has spoken

His word

From heaven above 

His ways are revealed

The wisdom of this world

Is foolishness to Him

Like dross blown away 

Through the winds of time

Not swayed here nor there

With this one’s opinion or the other

His mind is already made up

Unchangeable and infallible 

Pure and unadulterated 

Full of peace

As gentle as a lamb

Always willing to talk things through

Open to reason

No pretence or deceit

True and noble through and through

With mercy flowing

As it’s richest treasure

A river a flood

Washing over my fragile soul

Bearing fruit that is grown by it’s banks

The finest of all 

Who would not want to drink from this well

And live

Jesus Saviour of the world

Your name is so Majestic

Your blood so powerful

Your life so eternal

Your forgiveness so permanent 

Your truth so liberating

Your grace so saving

Your mercy so healing

Your compassion so moving

Your heart so perfect

Your kindness so touching

Your judgment so just

Your triumph so glorious

Your creation so beautiful 

Your works so amazing

Your Word so holy

Your salvation so redeeming

Jesus Saviour of my soul


You open up a world of beauty

A paradise of glory

In a sea of eternal love

You are beautiful beyond all language

The radiant glory of the Father

His exact footprint 

My inheritance