Journey of faith

Through the mist

There’s a future

Shining brighter 

Than the noonday sun

There’s a mystery as I wait

It unfolds as I walk 

Along unworn paths

Some are radiant 

Full of beauty

They reveal where I’m going

Others that are dark and bleak

Remind me

Of the life 

I was rescued from

Living hope

Where would I be 

Without all these trees

The green of day

Puts the dark of night to flight

It breaks into the early morning light 

With glistening brilliance

Drawing my eyes

Into the depth of its colour

I cast my eyes

To the greatest tree of all

The One 

On which the Saviour of the world hung

The One

That reminds me of my living hope



Kept in heaven for me

Now and yet to come

The world and all that matters in it

With its twisted and smooth shapes

Soothe and allure with precision and subtlety

Once having tasted of its delicacies

The pull becomes ever stronger

To break its back and move from its light

Requires the brightest light of all

A glory that does not fade

A hope that is as eternal as eternity itself

A life that is larger than the sun and moon

Jesus light of the world 

He said

Don’t love this world or the things in it

Then promised to give you the treasures of heaven

So you can taste of the things that are yet to come

He watches over me

When everything around me

Is folding in

Gasping for air

When the oxygen of grace

Seems so thin

And the altitude of long suffering

Seems so high

Reckoning with the price I’ve paid

Then a slight turn of the head

Toward the One who gave it all

Puts this momentary fight of faith

Into eternal perspective

My head rising

Above the mountains

To see 

Where my help comes from

The Lord

Maker of heaven and earth