Who is a God like You

It’s a small world

When I see Your kingdom

Grow bigger everyday

When I see You in the picture

Your picture grows larger day by day

The triumph of Your steadfast love

Keeps drawing me with tender mercy

Your faithfulness compels me again and again

To look up and see

How great You are

How good You are

How kind You are



Before the clock strikes twelve

And the day is done

What will I face

How will I run

This great race

With every marker set in place

Through lush green valleys

And desert wastelands

Mountain heights

And ocean depths

Stretched to the limit

To breaking point

Then soothed and rested

By pools of living water

This eternal fountain never runs dry

I drink and I thirst no more

My eyes set on Jesus

My destiny and high calling

Toward the finishing line

Where Christ awaits

My ultimate prize