Put your hope in God

Washed up
Wiped out

There’s always hope

Even when the tree has fallen 

And it’s stump lays dead within the ground

Just the scent of water

Is enough for it to bud again

New shoots will grow

A planting of the Lord instead

Even when my heart fails

And I feel as if I’m abandoned

Gods love will never fail

He will finish what He began

My hope is this

I know He can

My faith is this

I know He will

So I will fight

The good fight of faith

Taking hold of this eternal life

I will fight for hope and not surrender

To discouragement knocking at my door

Though I feel as if I’m drowning

God rules the waves that beat against the shore

Jesus calms the troubled waters 

As deep cries out to deep

My song of praise

In surrender

A sacrifice rising higher than this heavy load

Even with a deadly wound

I remember who conquered the grave

I will preach to my soul

Why are you downcast?

Put your hope in God 

I will preach to my soul

Put your hope in God



Running free

Where have all those words gone

They’ve run and hid themselves under a rock

Waiting for the rain to fall

Then they’ll come out of hiding

Shoot out from under the earth

Where they spread their roots deep and wide

Stretch out towards the sun

And run like a wild stallion 

No longer constrained by man

No longer penned in by the world

But running wild

Running free