Born Again

Dark inside the cocoon

Trapped and bound

Inner chaos resists the constriction

Pushing continuously up against it’s walls

Till the cracks appear

And out of darkness 

Light appears

Metamorphosis has done its work

Its irreversible

There’s no turning back

The old womb has gone

The new creature is born

Out of this paradoxical dance

From death to life

Chaos to order

Glorious wings now spread out

Ascending higher 

Into the full glory of the light of the sun

While resting in the shade of the moon and stars


Perfect trust

Amputated stumps

Dream of the vigour of their first green shoots

Just like an old ship that waits to put out to sea

To sail past the pounding waves

Beyond the horizon

Toward moon lit nights

Rich and full of deep silence

These dreams look back

As reminders of golden days

That spill into the promise of brighter days

That lay ahead

Patiently waiting for what is to come

While resting quietly in perfect trust

In the One who created

Both the tree and the hull

Which will bud once more

And sail away