Surprise me

I’ve been shocked too many times

Become numb around the edges

Feel pushed out

Not by You

But by the fight in me

The part that refuses to lay down

The ugly part that says

I can do it

Without You

I know it’s not true

Because I know Your truth

That comes to make peace

Deep down in my soul

That speaks out loud and strong

Loud enough for me to hear

Above all the other voices

That knock on my door

So today I’m crossing over the threshold

Inviting You in

To sit

To speak

To stir Your life in me

So I can rise



Even run

And maybe

Who knows

Just maybe

Fly again

Surprise me


2 thoughts on “Surprise me

  1. Tone, You have wings and always have had, you will fly and even now I see you taking the eagle leap off the jagged cliffs of man’s ingratitude, to catch your Father’s thermal, and soar like never before!

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