Only One

To be lost and alone

Locked outside

Swept away in the cold of night

To be broken

Filled with guilt

And shame seeping through every crack in the wall

Is to be separated from the greatest love of all

Alive yet dead as dead can be

Sin takes its toll


Like a debt collector in hot pursuit

Never giving up

Until the payment is met

The weight

The pain

The suffering

The burden

Beyond man’s ability to bear

No man can pay the price

No man can lift this load

No religion can redeem or pay back

There is only One who paid the price

To lift this impossible load

Only One who sacrificed and gave it all

Only One who suffered

For the guilt of my sin and shame

Only One who bled and died was buried and rose again

Only One every knee shall bow to

Only One who every tongue will confess

Only One who is the Saviour of the world

Only One who is Lord and King

Only One when I called out heard my cry

Only One to whom I confessed

Only One who

Forgave me

Redeemed me

Healed me

Saved me

Only One who called me to live close by His side

Only One who loved me in a way that no other could

Only One my heart adores

Only One will I always love

Only One with the most beautiful name of all

The matchless One

The greatest One of all

There is no other One who can ever be to me

As He is to me

He is the One

The One and only



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