Handfuls of promises

I remember the days of laughter

How quickly they slipped

Under the folds of sadness

Like the currents of change

With an ever flowing tide

I’m waiting for the full moon

Waiting for it to rise

High above the mediocrity

Blown in by waves of hope deferred

I’m waiting for a longing fulfilled

Where faith stands tall

Like the tree of life

Always pointing to love which never fails

Holding out its branches

With handfuls of promises

Of a kingdom yet to come



I love the colour yellow

Bursting forth in bridal flowers

They brighten up the green

With cleansing beauty

Then point me to the crimson

That washes me whiter than snow

Here in this holy display

I’m drawn toward mercy

Where grace awaits

Takes me by the hand

And leads me like a lover

Into a new day