Eternal Hope

When I look around

I see this old world

Falling apart at the seams

The threads are loosely bound

And easily broken

Like an old garment faded and torn

Soon to be cast aside

Lost to decay

Though these words are overpowering

And deafening to my soul

Hope rises from deep within

As a strand I’m coiled around

This cord is not easily broken

Like the cord that once fed me in my mother’s womb

This cord of God I’m bound to

The strongest knot of all

Anchors me to His inseparable love

That gives me an eternal future and hope for today



As I scroll across the pages

And gaze upon the photos

I’m flooded with memories

Then I cast my gaze

Beyond the pages and photos

And in my minds eye

I go back as far as I can go

And I see you everywhere

You’re written across my life story

Filling so many pages

From the day I was born to this day

The grief of knowing

There are no more pages to be written

No more photos to be taken

No more stories to be told

No more kisses and hugs

Slowly but surely it sets in

The ache presses in

And the tears roll down

Then they subside and give way

To peace

Peace that knows no limit

And the quiet and calm

Settles over me

I know you’re with me

Always in my heart

I’m not alone

When I think of you

Neither are you

You’re with Him now forever

Taken away from us

Taken into His loving arms

The sense of loss is overwhelming

But the sense of you being found with Him

Is even more overwhelming


The deep down joy

That goes deeper than the grief

Holds me and keeps me

In that place of knowing

Knowing you are finally home

With Jesus

And while I wait for my day to come

I’ll scroll through the pages

And gaze upon the photos

Remembering you always

As the one who so greatly loved