Hope calls

Hope runs through the earth
Lifting it’s voice to the heights and valleys below
Spreading it’s wings of love for all creation
Calling out
Come away with me
Into my arms
They are everlasting

Living letter.

Before this pen touches page with signature of mine
Let the ink that flows upon the line
Be filled with praise
Be filled with joy
As I take your name above all names
And sing it out upon the earth.


You are so insanely beautiful
My mind spins
Joy dances
Violently swirling with increasing glory
Oh glory and lifter of my head my soul sings
My body takes deep breaths of red hot passion
Fire burning love
Blazing Spirit
Ever increasing glory
You are here.


You are my poem
Beautiful beyond all words in song
Oasis eternal
Brilliant in perfection
Skies and solar systems
Galaxies and suns
Dancing lights of aurora
Ocean depths of colours beyond sight
Childlike wonder
Humble adoration
All glorious
You are

Flags fly
As statements from the sons of earth blowing in the wind.
Speaking out I am and we are here
From beginning to end
Flags fly fragile in the wind
Blown north south east and west
Striving in the strength of flesh
Planted in the soil that gives way
Buried among shifting rocks
Shaken from generation to generation
His everlasting
Ever increasing
Unshakeable kingdom comes
Christ the King’s banner of love flies over all to see
That He is
I Am.

Where have you gone awesome beauty
I saw you yesterday
Now you’re hiding behind clouds
I know you’re still there
You haven’t changed
You are still magnificent
I see you in my inner gaze
You’re just as clear as the day before
As if the clouds aren’t there
Magnificent one I behold you


My heart is deeply moved
It’s not time for random comments or flippant replies
No the deep things are sacred
They don’t belong to fleeting glances or shifting shadows
They are placed into a humble vessel
Planted deep within where the true story is told
The one that lasts forever
Sown with strands of love
Knit together by love Himself
Woven together as One.