Beautiful bride

Hymn: Zoe Tuckey

No blemish rests upon your bride
No mark or scar or stain
No speck of dust from dusty past
Or grub of fingers pointing blame

Through our kneeling knees we release
Our unforgiving chains
And with our minds renewed and fully changed
We come out right and newly made

Not white like cloud or sheet or snow
But like the first white that ever was
Before any

Hymn. Tony Johnson

The final turning tide
No stone unturned or place to hide
Her head laid to rest upon His heart of peace
All the wonders of eternal joy

The hope of glory now revealed
Upon this spotless radiant bride
She dances the dance with greatest delight
Her eyes a flood with awe and wonder

The greatest love
The brightest light
Angels bow down before this majestic sight
The lover the lamb
The beauty the bride

One day
This one day our hearts are longing for
Swept away on eternal wings
White as white
Pure as pure

No shade to follow
Where days and nights will cease
As lovers in glory forever increase
Like the first white that ever was before any other shade…