True love

I’ll always remember your smile

Those great big beautiful eyes

I’ll always remember your kind heart

Looking out for the little ones

The weak

The fragile

The broken

I’ll always remember your words

That cut true and deep

That flow out from your lips

The one I love

The one who laid it all down

To be with me

I see in this

The hand of grace

And I am reminded again and again

That this is the love of God

I see it in our children and grandchildren’s eyes

When their eyes meet yours

And I am reminded

That this is the love of God


Self sufficiency

Is a slippery slope

On the one side

I’m encouraged to climb to the top of the mountain

On the other side

I slide to the bottom

On the one side

I’m growing up to be a child

On the other side

I’m putting off my childish ways

I’m so grateful that God can be found

In both places

That He can be trusted

Press on

Mounting up

On wings of grace

I feel a second wind

Lifting me up

I’m in hot pursuit

Of reaching the finishing line

Victory awaits

The battle is great

But the reward is greater


I relentlessly press on

Until I finish my race



To explore the greatest heights

And not explore yourself

Is to plummet into a void

And touch the greatest depths

The soul of man is empty

Without the One who made it

Only He can see inside

And rescue what is lost

I am alive

My first breath of prayer

Early in the morning

Waking up to life

Looking out at

Your abundance

All Your riches

Given to me

Extravagant creation

Swirls around me

In waves of glory

The sounds



The thoughts of


How beautiful You are

Pages and volumes

Letter and words

Filling books

All seem so little

When I think of

How great You are

Praise fills my heart

Wonder gives birth

Like a new born baby

And I am alive