Resurrection and life

Looking into the face of death
Pledging an oath
You will not have me
You don’t own me
Pain serves only to remind me
Death has been swallowed up
It’s final sting removed
By the greatest act of bravery
The world has ever known
Courage that causes me
To stop and gasp
By the power of love
Seeing with open eyes
The One who
Sets me free
Who rendered death powerless
Jesus Christ
The resurrection and life


Beauty for ashes

Out of the ashes
Burnt along these ancient banks
A stone of beauty will rise
Precious and filled with glory
Placed into a royal crown
Shining with the majesty of a King
No darkness hides His splendour
No darkness will cover His land
The purest river flows
All who drink from His eternal cup
Will live


There is One
One that comforts
More than any other
More than the food that lifts up my soul
More than the sweetest honey
That brightens my eyes
More than the arms of my lover
Or the face of my children
More than the smiles and laughter
Of my grandchildren’s affection
More than the promise of an heir
With future and hope
More than knowing
My life has been fully spent
My gifts measured out with final reward
More than the songs
And dancing colours that flash across
The brilliant canvas of all my days
More than the pain and suffering
The agony and despair
More than life and breath itself
Knowing the comfort of my Comforter
Living inside of me
His eternity placed into my heart
Lights up for all eternity