Treasured faith

You roar from heaven
You don’t shout
Your gentle whisper
Calms the fiercest storm
Moves the highest mountain
Into the deepest sea
Your sea of love
Is unending
Ever increasing
Always moving
Upon my heart
Taking me through
Raging storms
Wave after wave
Then exhilarating
Through the lulls and doldrums
Ever moving
Filling me
With life
As You promised

Going out

Going out not knowing where I’m going
Trusting in the One who has gone before me
Perpetual wonder
When I don’t know what God will do next
Going out
Staying in
The one enables me to see Him who is invisible
The other I sit in darkness behind a closed door


Sparkling waters
On a moonlit night
Much unknown
Beneath its surface
Much unknown
Above heaven’s canopy
On shore
I feel familiar sand beneath my feet
One step after the other
Walking into the unknown
Secure on familiar ground