Come to me

Come on
Walk with me
Come on
Talk to me
I’ll make it clear
Clearer than a crystal stream flowing from a mountain top
Solid like a rock never moved or shaken
Whether on the highest mountain
Or plummeting to the lowest depth
I’ll be there
Always with you
Never apart
With eyes filled with love
Compassion that knows no end
I’ll reach into the deepest place
Where only my hand can go
No human touch will ever reach that deep
That’s where I AM
Where you’ll always find me
So come on
Come to me


Faithful dawn

From dizzy heights of mountain glory
To darkened valleys of earth below
How fickle the heart
How fleeting the breath
How quick I rise then fall
But for the Saviours love
I’d stand in despair alone
He shines His glory light
Upon my path to see
The brightness of His gracious heart
A new dawn
Awaiting me


How did you weather the storm
What damage has been done
What triumph has been won
Victory came as grace stooped down and raised me up
He promised He’d never leave
It’s true He found me in the storm and rescued me
Lifting me up upon the highest rock
To see beyond the highest wave
To caste this mountain into the depths of the sea
To hear the voice of the one who whispers to the storm
Inside of me
Be still and know that I am God.