Your grace

Like a cool breeze
On a hot summers day
Blows across my face
Shelters me
Under the outstretched branches
Of evergreen
Brilliant rays filter through it’s leaves
And dance across my face
I feel your glory all around me
Caught up in wonder
As a child
By Your grace


Standing in grace

Fully present
In grace
Grace that holds on
Never gives up
Grace that speaks to the weary heart
Be strong
Grace that lifts up the hands that hang down
Steadies the knees that give way
Grace that says to the fearful heart
I am with you
Grace always takes the first step
Bowing down in humility
Under grace
I stand
Once more
In Your presence

You chase me down

Your grace chases me down
Outruns me every time
How can I resist such love
You resuscitate me
When I’m as good as dead
Breath your life into me
Awakening the eternal seed
Planted deep within
Turning me around to face you
To receive grace and live

Red Carpet

You’ve risen up
To be
Long to be
You wait patiently
Listening for my cry
I remember your throne
Full of grace
There you are
Ready to help
Giving mercy
Pouring out grace
In this place of waiting
My longing for You grows
I can see
Once again
Your grace
Has rolled out the red carpet

More than I imagined

Grace reached out and touched my hand
Through eyes of mercy
Saw my weakness and helped me to stand
Undeserving as any could be
He opened my eyes so I could see
Tears of compassion rolling down
Love and acceptance no forlorn frown
This freedom in Christ
Such longing fulfilled
Is more than I imagined or ever have found


Dive into the deep end of grace
It’s not a pool
It’s an eternal ocean filled with
Loving kindness
It’s immeasurable
Measured out in Jesus
Full of grace
Full of truth
One breath at a time
Who can compare with Him?
No one!


“Your grace tells me You hear the faintest cry loudest of all.”

“Your grace didn’t just soften the blow, You removed it entirely.”

“To truly honour Jesus is to take the highest view of who He is and become that for His glory by grace.”

“Your grace calls me to intimacy, then to give new-birth-love away everyday.”