In my Master’s hands

I will spend my life
In my Master’s hands
As He shapes and moulds me
Into His perfect master plan
My true value is only found
In the final price my Master paid
His highest bid ransomed
What no other could
Every last drop of His life was spent
So I can spend mine for my Master
As I know I should
To have a lasting legacy
That brings
Thanksgiving and praise
This is all I want to remain
To spend my life as an offering
Fully spent
In my Master’s hands

The permanence of Your love

What legacy will you hand down
To generations
You’ll never meet
What will they come to know
How will you help them
Into their future
What are you building
That will stand the test of time
The only thing
That will never fail or fade away
Is the love of God
Build upon this foundation
On Christ the solid rock
Then your legacy will stand