How fragile we are
Beautiful fragrant flowers
Sometimes open in full bloom
Then closed and locked away
Fleeting yet eternal
Lord blow on this flower
That its fragrance may be shed abroad

The reason why

There’s always someone
With a harder story
Greater loss
Deeper pain
Higher triumph
Richer exploit

Self analysis
With all it’s paralysis
Comparing your lot with another
Leaving you
Inflated or deflated

Edging God Out
Leaves you empty
Whether high or low
On a mountain top
Or valley below

There is no place
Where God does not exist
Until you know Him
Your life will always be
An existence that is meaningless


The Lord is good

The leaves are green
Dripping with living water
Flowing toward low places
Lifting up those cast down
Healing them
Giving life
Covering the earth with glory
Under this evergreen canopy of grace
Eternal fruit grows
Taste and see
The Lord is good


The air is pristine
Cool and crisp
I feel the sharp edge of winter
Cutting in
A welcome change
From summer’s heat
Seasons come and go
They turn so quickly
Like day and night
Reminding me
How beautiful
How fleeting
Life is

True riches

Two loves laid down
For the sake of the greater love
Surrendering becomes both
Giver and gift
Love makes a way
For such sacrifice
Opens the door for
True riches
Which no man can count
The price was paid
On my behalf
Greater love has no man than this
That He lay down His life for me
So now I can surrender and yield
To the greatest love in me


Thousands of words
Spill over the tongue
Like a river they flow
Like a fire they burn
Hot or cold
They flood
Some are caught immediately
Some understood much later
While others fall to the ground unnoticed
Some like feathers bursting from pillows
Blown in the wind
Never to return
What power there is in the tongue
Life and death within its grasp
Choose carefully your words my son
Choose carefully your words