Love abounds

I see the lines
Written across your face
Behind your eyes
That draw me in
To behold the beauty of
Knowing you
And in knowing you
Love abounds

At home with You

You made a home in Your heart for me
Opened the door so I could come in
Showed me the way to the Father
Came as the truth that set me free
To live the life You so freely gave
Jesus I make my home in You

A Thousand Words

How can I say
In a thousand words
I love You
With a thousand smiles
And a thousand tears
You have loved me
From beginning till the end
So with my thousand smiles
And thousand tears
With my thousand words
And thousand songs
I’ll love You now
And to the end

True riches

Two loves laid down
For the sake of the greater love
Surrendering becomes both
Giver and gift
Love makes a way
For such sacrifice
Opens the door for
True riches
Which no man can count
The price was paid
On my behalf
Greater love has no man than this
That He lay down His life for me
So now I can surrender and yield
To the greatest love in me