Finish strong

From the grandstands of heaven
The multitudes who have gone before us
Cheer us on
Finish strong
They shout
Run your race
This cloud of witnesses
Testify of the One
Who said
“It is finished”
The author and perfecter
Of our faith
His voice the loudest of all
Cheers us on
To the finishing line



There is a power in suffering
A weight under the everlasting arms
Resurrection shines through
Lifting the weary head
Raising arms that hang down
Speaking to the fearful heart
Be strong
This double sided coin
Suffering and resurrection
Go hand in hand
Till one day
What He finished
Is finished in you

Never give up

High upon a Himalayan mountain
The fire burns
The smoke ascends
With a boiling pot of chai upon its flame
This small glass of sweetness
Replenishing the weary body
Along this ancient trail
The many stories told around this fire
Carried down through the ages
Of battles fought
And victories won
Of snowed in passes
And defeat
Of tragedy and bravery
Of the many who came and placed their feet
This mountain grandeur
Calls me and draws me to my feet
To continue onward
To finish what I’d begun
To never give up
Until the journeys done