Freedom cries out

Children crying
Mothers mourning
Fathers sit in silence stunned
The mob of madness finish their rage
Only carnage now remains

This drunken frenzy of hate poured out
Leaves it’s bitter mark
Twisted bondage laid to waste in darkness
The blood and shame cry out in anguish
As men stagger away in chains
They know from within
This power came from the darkest source

Who will cleanse the deepest sin
Heal every wound and pain
Who will raise this death to life
Save this earthen mass from certain fate
Breathe new life of promise and eternal hope

Only One who is faithful
Who took our sin and blood stained hands
His blood was given for all mankind
To cleanse away the vilest act
Purifying this contaminated mass

For all who cry out will know His heart of mercy
Setting their hearts completely free
Free to know
Free to be
All they were created to be

A child of God
Through the sacrifice on the cross
Of Gods own Son Jesus Christ
A child who knows he’s truly free
A child who knows he’s Gods son indeed.