All because of Jesus

You don’t count heads
You count hearts
Sent Your greatest treasure on earth
To bring back to yourself
Those that are Yours
I am Yours
The way showed me
Who You are
The truth revealed
Who You are
The life gave me
Who You are
My heart is now counted
In Yours

Eternal inheritance

Your blood is everlasting
Silencing every word not true
Always speaking over me
Holy are you
Never will You leave me
Forsake or turn away
Your covenant of love
Eternal redemption now secured
Is the covenant of Your blood
Always speaking over me
Holy are you
Jesus Your blood
Wipes away every sin
Always speaking over me
Holy are you


Jesus Saviour of the world

Blistering rays and blinding light
Dried out with desert grit
Held in its grip
No place to hide
No rock to crawl under
No shade or resting place
Who will rescue me from this death
Who will show me the path of escape
Who will beckon me with freedoms voice
Showing me the way
Speaking the truth
Giving me life
Saviour of the world.