True riches

The rich complexity of the poor
Found in their knowledge
Their understanding unearthed from the rubble
Stories of courage
Wilful determination and heart
Some admired
Having come out of the mud and mire
Hung on society walls as rags to riches trophies
Most pitied as they stand on the streets of despair
Ignored by many in the world
Who look away
Passing by their lot
Assuming they have nothing to offer
While the treasure of their stories remain untapped
Stop long enough to listen and learn
Then partner with the poor
To make the world a richer place


It’s a slippery track
I’ve slid down too many times
Always ending up
Face down
Looking up for more
It’s an empty trail
Full of rich promises
The fruit is sweet in the mouth
Once swallowed
Turns bitter in the soul
To escape greeds prison door
Look down toward the poor
Then freely give away
All that’s in your hand.


I saw the baby lying on the street

Her tiny body aching and torn

Her curdling cries sent shivers through my mind

The old lady stretched out her wrinkled hand one more time

She new I couldn’t stand the sight


She cried