She’s a runaway slave that needs a new masters touch
She’s a bare footed beauty with a captive print
She’s a lost paradise waiting to be found
She’s a move on my tongue that slurs around the edge
Shes an edgy rush on a frosty new day
She’s a dim light shining in the bright of the night
She’s a pulsating heart in a river full flood
She’s won me over and I’m hers to be one


Fifty five today

Today a time in my life came
When I looked around and saw
Eyes full of love and grace looking back at me
No hooks
No hidden agendas
No “What’s in it for me?”
Just pure agape
Rising to the occasion
Willing and surrendered
Loving me unconditionally
With this love my heart thrived
My eyes were stirred with deep holy affection
Longing to burst into eternity and stay there forever
As I saw all those beautiful eyes looking at me that way
I saw You
That God
You are love
That God
You have blessed me
Beyond what I’ve ever asked
Imagined or dreamed