Battle cry

As we marched around the walls
Day after day we heard Your voice
It didn’t seem clear at the start
Seemed foolish to those hanging over the walls
Jeering and mocking as we marched

We kept marching for we knew You had spoken
Just as You spoke to Moses and the waters parted
Now You spoke to Joshua
March around seven days
On the seventh day go around seven times

Day after day our faith was building
Stronger than the walls of Jericho
Day after day our faith was growing
Stronger than the mountains surrounding Jerusalem

The final day came
Around and around we marched
Then the shout of praise went out
Like the thunder of a powerful storm
The roar of the Lion of Judah met our praise
And the walls disintegrated back into dust

So arise people of God
Shout with all your strength
Arise people of God
Shout with all your heart
This is the day of breakthrough
With the word of faith that fills your mouth
And a two edged sword firmly in your hand.