True Worshippers

With all the bells of worship
Surrounding me
Your voice resounds
Within me

You are mine
I love you
I live in you
Not within temples
Made from hands of men
Or dead gongs
With all their lifeless praise

You are the resurrection
You are the life
All who live in You
Bring eternal praise
Spirit and truth
No gongs or bells
No clanging symbols


Glory and lifter of my head

I draw near to You
In Your presence
Before I go anywhere or do a thing
Before I say a word
O glory, lifter of my head
My heart rests secure in Yours
My mind quiet and at rest
In the knowledge that
I am Yours
My Lord
My God
My Saviour
I sacrifice to You
My body laid down in surrender
An offering of praise I bring
In Your presence
My life is whole
Wholly I now sing
All praise
All honour
All glory Yours
I worship You
Lord Jesus
I raise these holy hands and sing
All praise
All honour
All glory
I worship You
My King